“America Caught On Camera” with Frank Nicotero and The Travel Channel

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Comedian, TV Show Host and talent network artist Frank Nicotero is the voice of Travel Channel’s new show “America Caught on Camera,” airing every Wednesday at 10:00pm. Based in Vegas, “America Caught on Camera” is an “outrageous and unpredictable clip show that combines jaw-dropping video footage with an ironic and irreverent tone. Videos from by-standers and surveillance cameras expose people at their wildest, while their inhibitions are more relaxed on vacation.”

"Frank Nicotero Travel Channel Voice"
Frank Nicotero the voice of The Travel Channels "America Caught on Camera"


Check out “America Caught on Camera” every Wednesday on the Travel Channel at 10:00pm.

Frank Nicotero can also be seen on “Primetime in No Time,” where he recaps your favorite shows from last night.
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