An Evening with Breaking Bad

I went to the Academy of TV’s “Evening with the cast of BREAKING BAD.” It was awesome. The entire cast was there. My cousin Greg (EFX wizard) made Gus’s head from last years finale. I got to meet Aaron Paul who recognized me from Street Smarts which was cool. Season 5 starts filming next month. Final 16 episodes!

  • Hajibaba187

    Owl, Owl. SEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    wizard hahah awesome

  • SherriM

    I loved you on Street Smarts and was sad when it went off the air but was thrilled when I saw that you were doing the PiNT spot. I don’t know the reason for the change but I will no longer watch PiNT.  Good luck with all your future endevors Frank and I hope to see you back on TV soon.

  • Emjennings777

    You may or maynot be tired for being remembered as the host of “Street Smarts” by now, but it was an awsome show. Pat Sajsk has nothing on you. Vanna White on the other hand… well you can’t win them all!