Reverend Frank Nicotero

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So I just got ordained by the Universal Life Church and I’m actually going to perform a wedding ceremony on March 17th, 2012 for my friends Derek and Sara. I guess I’ll have to keep it clean, huh? There goes my act. I guess I will instead write something beautiful and from the heart. Awwww.

Wanna get married?

  • Jen Bienstock

    Cool!  I just did the same thing yesterday with Universal Life Church!  My sister and her fiance want me to marry them.  I paid for the wallet sized card and the NYC package.  PLEASE tell me how it goes with your friends, I have NO idea what to say at my sister’s ceremony!  Why no more PTNT?  I loved you there! Jen

  • Nataliebruer

    My friend did that a couple years ago and married me and my husband, so I returned the favor and got ordained through the church too to marry them in Vegas 3 years later. Have fun with it!

  • missing frank

    I really miss you on PTNT. The guy who is doing it how doesn’t have a clue.

  • V

    Hi!  Congrats on being able to perform weddings!  That will be fun.   (P.S. – I really miss you being on PTNT too! The others aren’t very good at all)