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Wow. Thanks for all the great comments. They meant a lot to me. Please check back for upcoming shows and information. PINT will continue but not with me as the host.

  • Amy

    Frank, I will miss you hosting PINT.  I rarely have time to watch tv any longer, so I enjoy your recaps.  Good luck in your future ventures

    • I noticed the new guy and he wasnt funny, Frank you will be missed, wishing you well in your future endeavors!

  • agreed with what Amy said. You were my insight into the tv world. good luck!

  • kammy

    Hi Frank, I have been a fan since the Street Smart days and will miss seeing you each AM!  You are so funny and I will be looking foward to whatever you do next!  Best of luck to you!!

  • Bill R

    You and Nikki Boyer were the two best things that Yahoo had going for it. Really sad to see PINT as we know it going away. I hope that you’re next in line for Leno’s gig — well at least until he wants it back again. Then you can go to CBS.
    Best of luck!

  • Jen & Andy

    Love love love you, Frank!!  So sad to see you go.

  • Fhebee

    I am so bummed out. Since I dont have that much time I would go to Yahoo and rely on PINT to give me the highlights of the night in a extreeeeeemely hilarious way. Thanks Mr. Nicotero for cheering me up and making me laugh.

  • Sohoist

    Hello Frank,
    Brilliant accomplishment on Yahoo! Wow, what great numbers you produced.  I really hope to see you hosting the Emmys or Oscars next year. Best wishes guy.

  • Emsical

    I watched PINT every day, and you were wonderful! Sweetly funny and on-target with your mockery. 🙂 Wish we knew why you were leaving. Good luck in everything you do next!

    • Frank Nicotero

      Emiscal, Yahoo wanted to “freshen up the show” and basically fired me. They handled it very poorly and I think it’s all BS. Oh well….on to the next project.

      • JR

        Why fix it (or as they say freshen it up) when it isn’t broken!

      • Sapphire8402

        Frank, you were the main reason I watched PiNT! You caught me up on shows I missed and made me laugh to the verge of tears!! You made me a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and you’ve made me laugh since Street Smarts!

        Just so you know, the “fresh” format SUCKS (it’s unnaturally forced, you can tell he’s reading a teleprompter [badly] and it has NO flow)! It’s like a bad cable access college TV show!!! Plus, they’re gonna lose their viewers and bypass any future Webby considerations.

        Us true fans have got your back and we look forward to your next venture!

      • Patty T

        Did the Yahoo people really think we watched just to see the clips?  No!  We watched to see you!  Best of luck and hope you will come to Irvine Improv sometime soon!

      • MrFurley

        Wow. Is that the thanks people get for four successful years?! Couldn’t they let you at least complete the 1000th? Hey Frank, I have a samurai sword. We can take care of this. Just tell me when and where. haha Oh wait, is that not how they take care of things in Philly? Just kidding. (not really) Don’t worry, when Theo gets into trouble with his  buddy Cockroach and gets grounded by Dr. Huxtable, we will all have your back. Looking forward to your future comedic misadventures.

      • Pblau5

        Wow, all I can say is that Yahoo screwed up! I have remained faithful to Yahoo at the cost of being ridiculed by friends and families who use more popular search engines and one of the reasons I liked Yahoo was YOUR PINT show. I have tried to watch the show twice now since your departure and both times could not make it through the entire show. It was actually painful. Like others have said, you were the show. Without you, there is no show. Hopefully you are hard at work creating something for Google.

      • momto2tx

        Frank,  I was so upset when I saw someone else in your spot (doing a terrible job at what comes natural to you).  You made the show and were why I watched.  Although I like seeing highlights of the shows, I really only watched because of your hilarious recaps.  Now I have no interest and will not watch PiNT without you- miss you!  Boo Yahoo 🙁

      • Veronica

        Hi Frank,

        I could understand why you would give up a great gig like that. Don’t like the new guy. Sorry. I have tried. Will miss you!!!!

  • Breadfan

    I am so bummed!  You were the BEST part of my morning routine – what happened!!???   Best of luck w/ your new adventures! – I can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

  • Mmm19622002

    WHY????  Have so enjoyed your humor and insight.  Good luck and hope it was something fabulous that has taken you away.  Best wishes and it looks like there are many of us sad to see you go.

  • Autumn

    Frank! How will I start my day now? I will miss your humor. Thanks for all the recaps and laughs. 

  • Ruth

    Dude!  Seriously?!?!?  

    But seriously…I’ve loved your updates (I think I’ve been watching from close to the beginning).  You’ve keep me in the cooler-talk loop without having to actually watch all those crap shows.  You must be going into a detox facility for a few months just to get all the Kardashian and Batchelor dirt off you!  

    I look forward to seeing you around on TV and online.  Ditto to the suggestion on a previous post for you to host an awards show!  Sarcasm without mean-spiritedness is a lost art in comedy.  

    Thanks, too, for turning me on to some good TV I would have missed without you.

    All the best to you and your wife!!  

    Clearwater, FL

  • Dawn Inscoe

    Oh no, you will be sorely missed !

  • Jonbroeker


    Can you buy the rights to PINT or something?  It just won’t be the same with out you.  Guess we’ll just have to see what you do next.


    You got it FRANK. did you imply no longer doing the primetime yahoo news?

  • Tobynewell

    I am so sad to hear that!  I tune in every day to hear your recaps.  What will I do without you?

  • Shorton500

    Sorry to hear your leaving PINT.  You were an excellent host and you will be missed.  Good luck in your next endeavor!

  • Guest

    Bummer, always enjoyed your stuff. Next stop, Daily Show correspondent? I think it could work…

  • Tiggapleez

    You will be missed, one of the only things that I dug about Yahoo.

  • Mike McG

    I posted this to Yahoo but I thought you would like to see it. I was sad to learn you had been replaced and what’s worse is you were replaced by a guy who isn’t even funny.

    Primetime in No Time will never be the same unless you bring
    back Frank Nicotero. The new guy is not funny, the new format stinks, the
    “edgy” camera shots just make it cheesy and not in a good way.


    The first episode is the first and last time I will watch
    Primetime in No Time unless you bring back Frank. The only thing I do like
    about the new show is the set, you gave Frank the terrible “white
    room” set and this hack gets a cool looking living room set similar to
    when the set was remade for Frank before the ugly white room.


    I believe I read the format of the new show was supposed to
    be hip and edgy. Unfortunately what was delivered was some guy who I have no
    idea who he is reading cue cards. The show is poorly paced with some stupid
    topics and only two shows mentioned. Nice try Yahoo! but you ruined a perfectly
    good online program.


    I always wondered if Frank wrote his own material and gauging
    from the new guys material I would guess Frank was the driving force behind the
    humor of Primetime in No Time. I’m really disappointed that my mornings will
    never be the same.

  • Patty T

    You were the reason I watched PINT.  Your take on things and the devlivery of your comments are what made the show–you WERE the show!  It was never the same when someone stood in for you, and this new guy just doesn’t have enough wit or personality to even hold a candle to you. What were they thinking?  Very sorry to see you go.  Without you, the show is ended as far as I’m concerned.  Best of luck to you! 

  • Totor

    Checking out NewGuy today made me realize you MADE the show, saw the sarcasm and humor in Primte-time television like nobody else, and also reported on more than 2 shows!  The new format and the new host are not doing it for me.

    You will be missed, and I hope you land something much better/bigger soon.

    • Ditto

      Tuned in today and …Mike Bachmann sitting in today was soooo much better than NewGuy… Still PINT without Frank will never be the same… Erasing from my bookmarks

  • Matt

    This, Sir, stinks.  I was bummed, until I watched the new guy today, now I’m just pissed.  Bad decision made by out of touch executives cost we, the people, some good times.  I truly wish you the best, Frank.

  • Wow, I was surprised to see a new person in PINT….what were they thinking?  I’m an over 60+ fan and got a kick out of your comments.  You are hilarious! 

    This was such a wrong decision.  They didn’t freshen up the segment, they destroyed it!
    Shame on Yahoo….who made this decision?  A new person?

  • Laurie

    So not liking the new dude. Not 1/2 as funny as you and the segments are boring now. Please let us know where you will be popping up again. I have no interest in PINT now. All best!!!!!

  • Backwardfish04

    Wow. I don’t like PINT anymore. I didn’t smile once with that new guy. Why did you leave??

  • Cyndi y

    Frank you made PINT.  They totally missed the boat in their attempt to “freshen it up”.  You made the show.  I just watched my first and last new and improved PINT.  

  • Rayna

    I loved watching pint because of you! You are awesome!  I’m sorry you got the crappy end of a bad decision, but bigger & better things await you! Good Luck!

  • Lee & Stephen Oeffner

    Just watched PINT with the new host..very boring, bordered on annoying..not up to the standards set by you.  Will not be watching it again.  You are an excellent host – you are a person we like and would invite into our homes again and again.  Hope we will have that opportunity in the near future – maybe, you can do your own blog.  We’ll be looking for it.

    Our best,
    Lee & Stephen

  • Rachelle

    So sad not to see you on PINT anymore. Thought your humor and delivery was fantastic. Always made me laugh! Let us know where your new venture will be and we will follow you wherever you go! Good luck!

  • WAR

    Went to PINT – thought I was in the wrong place.  Realized you were gone – new format sucks –
    PINT deleted from favorites.

  • Christie

    Frank, I just watched the new show and hated it! Not funny at all, I agree with everyone else on here you made PINT! Best of luck on your next project and may it be even bigger and better!

  • Lherne59

    I LOVED you as the host….don’t like the new guy….you are so so much better…LOVE your antics!

  • Frank Nicotero

    Wow. Thanks for all the great comments. They meant a lot to me. Please check back for upcoming shows and information. PINT will continue but not with me as the host. 

  • The new show stinks.  It was awesome when you were there.  Completely bummed! 🙁

  • Keianasolomon

    Well, there goes the end of PINT for me… *sigh*  Now what?

  • Stan

    Yahoo’s idea of “freshening up” PiNT is like freshening up a room with a load of dog shit. You are missed Frank!

  • TeresaB

    Watched a lot of PINT but it just won’t be the same… sniff!!!

  • WHY????????? You were awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Da_enigma

    Your the reason I started watching… Guess it is time to move on, hope your new projects are great!

  • mbt

    Ugh!  I just discovered you are gone from PINT!!!  What the heck?  I hope Yahoo realizes their mistake and brings you back.   You made the show.  Won’t be bothering going back to that site anytime soon.  Hope you find something better.  

  • Misissula

    If this is not of your choosing then I have to say that it was a monumentally BAD idea to replace you. You are a class act to not rip into Yahoo publicly.

    If this is your choice then I wish you all the best but will not watch PINT anymore. New guys sucks.

  • Coriskall

    Wow. Sorry to see you leave, man. Really enjoyed your sense of humor and take on the shows. New show seems forced to me. It’s uncomfortable. Have no doubt you’ll land on your feet and find something even better, perhaps with a little more freedom. My best to ya!

  • Jondaly70

    why miss with a good thing? they made a BAD mistake. good luck in the future. you’re talented, so you’ll find plenty of work.

  • I officially stopped watching PINT since you left. You were so great hate to see you go…… I hope the boycott on PINT hits Yahoo hard and they realize they lost a really good asset.

  • Nautilus

    WTF!  I want you back at PiNT NOW!!!!!

  • A fan in Seattle

    I agree with everyone.  Will sincerely miss you at PINT host.  I looked at your wikipedia article, and had no idea you have done so much.  Best wishes as you continue pressing on!

  • Mira

    Seriously, you made that show. I will not want to watch it anymore. I saw the new guy and he’s just way too cheesy. You have excellent timing and are genuinely funny-with just the right touch of irony. I will definitely look for you in other projects. I wish you the very best in your future.

  • Onemoretime142

    I guess my favorites just has one less entry. Good Luck!

  • Liz

    This is the first time I have every commented on a blog. 
    So sorry to see you go. Very bad decision from Yahoo.  My kids and I really enjoyed watching your show faithfully every day. First thing in the morning, we had to get our PINT in. My kids and I gathered around the computer to watch. We really enjoyed your take on the shows.  You are very talented. We were very sad when you took your remote and left.(Don’t blame you under the circumstances.)  We will keep watch to see what other projects you have coming up. We are trying to give the new guy a chance, but it is just not very good. Miss you and the staff you worked with. Wish you the best.  

  • Who is this new clown on PINT???  Theo who?  A no talent hack has replaced you Nick!  There goes the last reason why I went to yahoo.  Good luck on your future projects.  Here’s a thought….why not go over to Google and start a new PINT?  After all, google has whooped Yahoo in everything else!

  • Hukilau

    Frank… definitely bummed that you’re not on PiNT anymore. That few minutes became part of my morning ritual because of your understated but always hilarious commentary. Hope we get to see you back on the air soon!

  • Stassia

    Frank – that’s really unfortunate that Yahoo replaced you with the new guy.  You were FAR better and I don’t know how often I’ll be going back to check out their site.  We’ll miss you on there…

  • I_lovelucy_712

    miss you miss you miss you!

  • Nanna

    I was sad to see that you weren’t on PiNT anymore, so I came here to find out what happened. Yahoo continues its idiotic programming choices. I’m sure this will free you up to do something even better. You’re very funny, I’m sure you’ll find something soon.

  • Evie

    WOW… I saw the new PINT and it stinks!! I now realize that you were the whole reason I watched… I already miss your face! Keep us posted on your next project so I can view it again!  Thanks for keeping the show awesome while it lasted!


    PiNT is just not funny without you 🙁   I MISS YOU!!! But, good luck with your bigger and better for me, I now have to find other avenues of procrastination during the day :/ 

  • Butterflyxts

    I found PiNT 2 1/2 years ago and have watch just about every M-F since then!  Frank, the new guy sucks – BIG TIME!  YOU, Frank ARE PiNT!!  Your humor, comments, naturalness on camera were/are what makes PiNT, PiNT!!  I don’t understand executives anymore – “fixing” or should I say “freshening” things that are NOT BROKEN OR NEED FRESHENING!!!  I will not be watching PiNT again – it is just too painful to watch that stiff board they call a host to get the review of just two shows.  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU FRANK!!  On to better and bigger things!

  • Cher_reynsoso

    Frank – Total bummer that you are not longer on the show. I only watched it because of your funny comments! You will be missed – Good Luck on your next project, bigger and better!

  • Marryke

    PINT SUCKS WITHOUT YOU!! That other guy is so lame and has the personality of a potato!

  • Happygirl2

    im going to stop watchin the show…you made it worth watching..
    all the best.

  • Miss Pat


    (This is my first post to a blog.) Ohmygoodness, I’m sorry you’ll no longer be hosting Prime Time in No Time. I saw when Nikki introduced the new host on her show. Silly me thought he was going to be helping her (or something). When I checked checked in to see Prime Time in No Time and saw he new guy, I was like, “Whaaaaaaa?” Where is Frank? I preceded to watch the recaps. Mercy! It wasn’t funny at all. I could tell the new host was trying to be funny, too. I finally found the last day where you “signed out” for the last time…taking your remote with you. That was funny…hehehe. The TV did the “fuzz” thing. I like that “old school” vibe. Off the air….FOR NOW!

    As I read the posts on this site, I thought, “With his personality, I can see him on a sitcom.” You could even be the “new guy” on the BIG SCREEN. Those guys seem to be missing in action. The comics seem to be missing in action at the movies these days. What about it Frank? Show your clips to folks who know talent when they see it. We want to see you every week. Can you do that for us? Get yourself a gig so all those who happen to be in the dark regarding your comic genius. You’re a really funny guy. I’ve laughed out loud daily listening to and watching you late at night. Yahoo’s loss will be another organizations gain. I PRAY IT’S SOON! I will miss your crazy antics on PiNT. No one does it better my friend. Happy trails to ya! Here’s to your busting a move as other doors open for you. With your talent, I could see your having your pick of projects that will allow your current fans (and those to come) to enjoy your work for years to come. Over and out Frank.. 8 *  (

    Miss Pat

  • Popi

    Good Luck Frank, you made PINT one of my favorite things to watch every week. I will miss your voice.

  • Fan

    Thought you were hilarious at PINT!  Please tell me you left because you’re about to do a new sitcom.  Pleeeaaase tell me that!

  • hh

    Good luck with whatever you’re doing next!

  • Gwen

    Well shoooot.  I really enjoyed PINT with you delivering quips in your unique irreverent way.  As others have commented, I watched more for the entertainment you provided than to see the daily quips of shows. 

    • Gwen

      doh, I meant daily clips…..need…..more……….

  • Tage

    It was the interview with the girls from Jersey wasn’t it. That was the straw that broke the camels back…I don’t blame you..heehee. You will be missed. As you can see. Not a fan of the new PINT either.

  • Alex

    Frank- PiNT really took a downturn without you there. I actually like watching you better than the recaps! Seriously you were great. I don’t usually coment on line but I had to look you up to see where you went and let you know you will be missed.

  • blueriver

    What were they thinking!??  You were a natural for that show. Good luck wherever you go, I’ll be looking for you to show up in even better format for your talents!

  • Paul

    I just checked in to Pint, Wow what a disappointment  it is without you. Guess I didn’t appreciate how natural and funny you are until I compared you to the new guy. Don’t expect to be watching anymore. Break a leg Frank.

  • Lin_fes

    Miss your funny and oh so “i’m not the only one who thinks this way” style of tell us what happened last night…. :(((  the new guy… well, I hope he didn’t quit his other job yet…

  • Goose

    Frank, like the rest of the world S*** happens when the “big” guys are in charge. You were Extremely funny on PiNT! I don’t like the new guy but I am sure he knows he is not as funny as you and that has to suck. Following in talented footsteps is hard. Please leave updates for where to find your new material and like all of yours fans we will follow!

  • TammyB

    So very disappointed to lose you on PINT.  Alas, PINT will be losing me as well.

  • Lou

    I just saw the new host of PINT, no comparison.  I have been watching you for years and enjoying the comments you made about the shows.  You will be missed, I hope you have moved on to bigger and better things.  Good Luck!

  • Janette


  • Grantleysperson

    Hi Frank. 
    I really enjoyed your work on PINT. Sorry it came to an end.

  • Psychicd

    Frank!!! I am shocked! You were my morning cup of coffee. I hope you are on to bigger and better things!

  • NYC Girly

    I have to agree with the other posts!  You and Nikki B. rocked!  I don’t mind the new girl…but she’s very dry….BUT VON!!  Wow how picked this guy.  He is terrible.  All the best to you Frank!!

  • Stasia7stars

    Who’s decision was it to replace you ? Bad move,  you were perfect for the quick moving style of PTINT, the new guy is just too wooden, doesn’t have the same snappy personality as you, he lacks the pizzazz and misses the beat imo.
    To cut to the chase, you were infinitely BETTER !
    well…Good Luck in your next ventures Frank….it’s Yahoo’s loss for sure !

  • Lisa

    As much as I like Theo, he has no personality.  It seems forced and he has stage fright.  You are missed Frank!!!

  • Jimmy1_nj

    WOW, What a bummer to see you leave PINT, your humor was the reasoned I watched the show! Good Luck Bro…..!

  • Linda

    I miss you!  I like you doing PINT better!

  • What?  What happened?  Where did you go?  I thought the new guy was just filling in or something.  Wow, can’t believe how bad the new show stinks.  Hope you are doing a spin off soon.  Call google..

  • Coakesoz

    I’ll miss you on PINT.  Your future remains bright.  Good luck.

  • lilyrose

    I won’t even watch PINT anymore. It’s not the same. We love you Frank!!!!

  • Hey Frank. I’m a big fan of yours. Shocked to not see you on PiNT. Things change. Out with the good in with the bad. I find myself using Yahoo less and less. Wishing you the best in your next project. (Now that PiNT doesn’t want you is there a chance Street Smarts could make a comeback???) I think it’s time for me to get a new email address. All I get is spam anyway. Take care Frank!

  • PiNT is NOT the same….we should start a petition 🙁  
    Best wishes!!!!

  • Lauren

    I have admit. I don’t watch what is on TV.  I may catch sometime from time to time but never watched those stupid shows. BUT – I watched Pint at least 3 or 4 times a week because I thought it was hilarious.  Now its not working.  Don’t know why they got rid of you Frank, but what a dumb idea that was. 

  • Palentony

    I’m disgusted with Yahoo. What a joke. I watched last week
    and seen the new clown. Thought he was just a fill in. Reality set in today
    when the same guy hosted. That never happens. I smelled shananigans. I
    remembered seeing Neo, or Cleo or whatever his name is on the Real World I
    think. Thanks for slapping us all collectively in the face Yahoo. It’s sh!t
    like this that makes me want to change my homepage. They could have given you a
    graceful exit in return for the years of hard work you put in and AT LEAST give the fans a heads up. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and to many others.  What a bunch of corporate snakes.  I’m sure Yahoo just gave you plenty of material to use for all upcoming shows………Watching those dreadful car ads before PiNT was bad enough just to see you.  Never, ever,  again though.  Thanks for that I guess Ya-Screw.  You are better off Frank. I’m so angry that I will never be able to watch PiNT again. Guess I’ll have to actually work when I’m at work…….

  • Whathuhque

    I don’t like Theo, I just stopped watching midway through his Oscar’s segment. I miss you.  Theo has big shoes to fill and I don’t think he’s cut out for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I always welcome change.  He doesn’t have to be the same thing as you, I understand that, but at least be as good or better than you and he’s not. He just looks like some annoying college kid and I know he’s older than that, but that’s how it seems. He’s trying to hard and doesn’t come off as natural like it did with you.  You were the show and it’s like getting Mickey Mouse out of Disneyland, it’s just not as fun anymore.

  • Elaine

    Sooo bummed when I turned on PINT and was like, “Ummm, WHERE”S FRANK??????” Best of luck to you in the future. I’ll be watching for you. You should totally do a Talking Dead guest spot!! 

  • CH

    You were my slam dunk for a laugh.  So disappointed to see your replacement.   Not funny.  Cheesy. 

  • David Quigley

    A PiNT without Frank is like … well nothing I care to watch!

  • Nina

    I loved you as the host. The new guy is funny but lacks your sweetness. Sweet and funny is better. What will you be doing now? Good luck and success to you 🙂

    Nina from KC.

    • Nina

      I hope they at least paid you decently! I will not be watching the new guy.

  • Sarahskral

    WAAH!  I am not clicking on PINT ever again…you were the highlight of my day!  The new guy is so so lame.  Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, b/c it is going to be BIG! Yahoo….dunb,dumb move!

  • Nkaltaras

    Hi Frank, I was wondering why you weren’t doing Prime Time In No Time anymore?  I truly enjoyed you and your energetic and incisvie comments with a wicked nasty sense of humor.  Hope you come back, love and miss you man!

  • J3mm17

    Just went to watch PINT. Frank Nicotero missing. Tried to watch. Couldn’t. Turned it off. Won’t watch again. No reason to.  Realized I went to PINT for Frank Nicotero.

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  • dude. DUDE! this SUCKS!!!! I had to find out what happened because there was some clown on today crying and looking like a fool and then he said he was just filling in for (wait for it…wait for it……) NOT YOU!!!! Damn! at first I thought he was just filling in for you then they said some other DB’s name and I said that’s it and unliked them. dude, you were always the BEST on Street Smarts and I’ve been a fan ever since!! good luck with all your future endeavors brother!

  • Frank

    Frank you did a great job, it’s not easy to cover some of the shows. Whish you luck on the upcoming movies … did I hear you are the new Batman?

  • Jaguarundi23

    sorry to see you go. i really enjoyed watching you on PINT.

  • Kdazb

    I am no longer a fan of PINT. You were PINT and yahoo made a serious error. Why did they mess with success? I wish you all the best in your endeavors and will miss my morning PINT.

  • Scon007

    Where are you????I miss you on PTINT. The new guy is soooo not funny. Maybe he is not trying to be ( in which case he is succeeding ). You really were terrific and you were what made me tune in. Loved your take on things. I will look for you to re-appear somewhere else….perhaps Google? It seems YaHoo is going down the tubes!!

    All the Best,
    A Rhode Island Fan

  • Jjohnson874

    Great acting/performing on PINT!  I only watched that segment because of you.  You made a name in America with your great performances!  Now I’ll be following your next gig.  Make it one worthy of your talents.

  • Mpars45

    PiNT sucks without Frank!

  • Missin’Yu

    Another 60+ fan that doesnt watch Prime Time any longer!  You made the show and I have no interest in it now that you are gone 🙁   Good luck and best wishes in whatever you do!

  • Agent99

    Oh Frank How I Miss You!  Frank I so miss you on Prime Time in No Time.  Now I just don’t have time for it.  This new guy is so not funny.  Now it’s just Prime Time is Lame Time. 

  • guest

    I stopped watching because the new guy is not funny at all.  I was so excited when I saw you on an add for PINT.  I am disappointed to say the old guy was still there :(.  You should know that yahoo is using your image to advertise PINT as if you are the current host.  Maybe you can do something to stop it.  Or better yet, maybe you can come back!

  • The new guy is no Frank. 

    So, what’s the deal? Is it true you you’re doing porn now?

  • SFGlvr

    Three words – I miss you!

  • Jai

    PINT is awful without you…first I thought maybe you were on vacation..then I thought maybe you were sick…I would say you would be missed but I won’t be watching anymore since I know you’re gone for good.

  • Hill

    Came here specifically to say I miss your primtime in no time. You were really fun on there. Now the only time I watch it when yahoo doesn’t properly label a video. It’s impossible to watch the new host. Not funny in any way shape or form.

  • Bab

    still missing you on prime time in no time. Your actually funny not just another asshole . 

  • No more PiNT for me…it’s no fun without you.  Best of luck in all of your endeavors!!!

  • Oh man! I was hoping you were just on vacation, Frank. I’ve been checking, in but when I see it’s not you, I just log out of it. Why do the big wigs do this? If they see the error of their ways, I hope you will come back for your fans. We love you, Frank!

  • Emarinez11

    I miss YOU 🙁

  • Jasongiberti

    PINT sucks now. Please come back soon when you new, sure to be terrible show fails.

    Warm regards,


  • Dragonfly5159

    PINT is just not the same. At all. The new guy is not you and I only watched PINT because I loved your humor. Now it’s really not worth watching. Not that the new guy is horrible, he just isn’t you. Hopefully we will get to see you hosting or doing something soon in tv so we can see you on screen again.

  • Groovier

    We will follow you.  Start your own Primetime recap show!  TV Guide could use one.  It could be called “Nic at Night” or “Franky’s Hollywood” or perhaps, “Suck it Yahoo!”

  • momof2

    The new host is The from real world/road rules. he’s annoying and thinks he’s being funny by making fun of people. not watching anymore

  • Tygerprince

    Frank yahoo is failing but even more so now that your gone….the new guy is lousy!

  • Reza Wrecks

    I feel bad for the new guy — his farm boy charm isn’t working for me; and apparently not for many others.  Frank, I hope this means you’ll go on to bigger and better things.

  • Lolitad9999

    Frank, I keep looking for you somewhere, anywhere.  Your talent can’t go to waste.  It’s in such rare supply these days.  Hey, TV producers, maybe if you get rid of the Kardachshund-ians or other “reality” shows, you would have some room for quality programming with Frank at the helm.

  • ArushaFrank

    Frank, you were replaced by some dude that’s not funny? Stupid is a better word. Yahoo screwed up on this deal. Good luck to you Frank.

  • Lucy Davis

    Every now and then when I have a lull at work I go on to PINT for a good laugh.  I was saddened to learn that you are no longer its host and find the new host a bit annoying really.  Poor choice for Yahoo to replace you since I thought you were quite hillarious.  Best of luck with your future. 

  • BunnysPnut

    I have to say I agree with everyone that you made PINT what it was. The new person is so lame it’s not even worth watching. You are being missed BIG time. 

  • courtenay

    No more Frank…No more PiNT! I am sick you are not there keeping me up to speed! 

  • Zentrader2002

    Hi Frank. Really liked Primetime in No Time when you were on it, and watched it everyday. Now I tune in to PINT once every few months, if I’m really bored. You did a great job on that show. The person who decided to let you go has no sense whatsoever, including no sense of humor, and should probably be fired before making more bad decisions.