Thanks PINT Fans!

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As you may have heard I’m leaving Yahoo. I’d like to thank all the people who sent me amazing emails over my 4 year run as host and hope you will check back here for updates on future projects. Thanks again.


  • I <3 PINT.

    You will be missed! Thanks for filling me in on everything I missed last night for the last four years!

  • Judipoody237

    What a Crock of Shit. I will now delete anything and all yahoo from my computer and favorites

  • jennys

    watch you daily, don’t really have time to watch tv in the evening, so it is nice to catch up on what is happening.  You will be missed

  • ZenMan

    WHAT!! Not going to be the same without you.  Good luck on your new endevors.

  • Camcanhelp

    Argh!  No way I can watch all those shows you dissected for me for the past four years.  What now? !

  • Bohlmannd

    So bummed to hear that you are leaving PINT!  It won’t be the same without you.

  • sadface :(

    Oh, the Humanity! WHY???!!! I think you didn’t like the new set. I don’t blame your. Bring back the 1970s couch and the tchotchkes!

  • Jpc

    Whyyyy? I know I should have clicked on that “like PINT on facebook” button, but didn’t think it would make a difference. Happy trails!

  • Daily Routine for the last four years: turn on laptop, check out email and of course watch pint with Frank, now what, you will be missed,

  • Portersan

    Sad.  Missing you already.  Best of Luck.

  • Day

    Will miss you !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Equity

    Now you are all slim and hot  – movin’ on and leavin’ the rest of us forlorn and dejected.

  • NickPINT fan

    That stinks! I enjoyed watching the recaps every weekday and your commentary was so funny. =) Hope to see more of you in other sets!

  • WaTerFlower

    All the best to you.  Have no idea how I’ll keep up with the Bachelor/Bachelorette in future.  Too sad …

  • Lori

    Boohoo!!!  I hate that you’re leaving PINT.  I loved having my morning coffee and watching you.  You always started my day with laughter…..thank you for that!!

  • Kolbykahn69

    Over 1000 episodes and over 640 MILLION views why make a change.
    LONG LIVE GOOGLE, BING, AOL, JUNO, NETZERO, NETSCAPE, DOS, YOOHOO. Just removed Yahoo has my browser start-up home page on all of the work and my home computers.

  • gonna miss you!

    Thanks, Frank, for the years of fun and laughter!  We will miss you!  Good luck with whatever lies ahead!

  • Princepointe

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t watch TV anymore and relied on you Frank. My favorite web show.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to thank you for being a very entertaining host and making me smile with your upbeat, energetic attitude. I suggest you lose those extra pounds that don’t looks so good when you are sitting down, and the double chin. It may have cost you this gig. Also, try to have a slicker wardrobe, more leading man and cool. think Clooney, james bond, carey grant, and dress just more glamorously. you can still be funny and look like the dish you are.


    WAAAAAAAA (that is me crying)!  Best of luck to you!  Loved your updates!

  • Msheidikay


  • Anonymous

    in scanning your photos, i see you have great taste in suits and ties. wear them! and i like the baby blue sweater. but be trimmer. lay off any booze and drink water or crystal light and the extra pounds will melt off. that and a personal trainer and lots of gym time. you know the competition’s brutal, so work out until you have a better gig or start your own online. you may have enough of a following to start one and then go on tv talk shows to promote it and get advertisers to stuff your pockets with cash! call it the frank nicotero show and do what you were doing for yahoo so we can still enjoy it, and have guest comedians to delight us. and do skits, maybe, along carol burnett lines. heck, have her on the show along with tim!  

  • Paula Winn

    I am so sad you are leaving.  I have greatly enjoyed your segment.  It wasn’t the same when you had a sub.  You will be missed. 

  • fauru

    Thanks for bringing us all the crap every morning so I didn’t have to watch it myself! It’s been a great time watching you with many many laughs! Best of luck!

  • Fran

    This is such terrible news for me but I hope great things await you in the future.  I have watched you devotedly for the past 4 yrs and pretty much relied on you to keep me up to date with TV happenings.  Your comments were always funny and on point.  Can’t wait to hear what you are up to next.

  • Jennifer Paulsen

    Frank, we’re really going to miss you but we’ll follow you on whatever it is you’re up to next!

  • Sad, Nick.  I’m just plain SAD!  Thanks for all the laughs-

  • Josh

    man, you made reality t.v. hilarious.  can’t wait for updates on your future endeavors.

  • Silverroof60507

    Very sad to hear that you will no longer be there.   You are such an upbeat guy that made us smile. Was not the same whenever someone else took your place.  You’re my favorite.  Good Luck to you, will be looking for you.

  • Foxtail Ann

    PINT won’t be the same without Frank

  • Terr1schultz

    Say it aint so!  We ( my son and I) have loved to watch Pint for many years and love your sense of humor and the updates.  We will so miss you there but hope you will reappear somewhere else that is even more visible!  (and for a longer  time slot!)  Best to you ! 

  • TheHar

    Your my morning humor. I love to click on the PINT link.
    I hope you land another TV comedy or movie you were great on the ones you were involved in.
    Good Luck!

  • Frank, you should do some acting on the big screen.

  • Biz

    Sorry to hear! I enjoy you and PINT. Hope more big fun is in store for you!

  • Arby2626

    Frank, thanks for the great job on PINT. It is my MUST SEE every morning.  Good luck on the new gig.

  • Otherguy89


  • Anonymous

    Booooo!  No one does PINT like you. Damn.

  • Cathy

    You brightened my mornings…thank you and good luck on your future endeavors.

  • Marsha Chandy

    so sad! you were awesome!

  • Akane

    why? conspiracy!  At least you don’t have to watch so much reality garbage anymore!

  • Cake

    Booo! Now I will actually have to WATCH prime time TV?!?!

  • Malibushelle

    Will miss you on PINT and good luck in your new endeavors you will always succeed no matter what you do. 

  • Janis8000

    Frank I am so sad to see you go I think your the best host on Prime Time. I will miss watching you everyday.  Where will you be performing the week of the 27th would love to see you at any of your comedy clubs. If you can let me know . Best of luck to you.

  • Randallj50


  • Can Radio Guy

    What!?!?!? I have managed a whole career in morning radio these past four years by (1) not watching TV, (2) checking in with PINT In the morning, and (3) pretending that I saw the shows that needed seeing. Sheesh… my TV addicted co-hosts still don’t know that I never watch TV.

    I hope the replacement comes close…

    PS… I never stole your bits. Just the clips, baby, just the clips.

  • Jenna

    Frank, this hurts. I’ve been a fan since Street Smarts! I hope you come to Texas and do a show soon.

  • Jturicek

    Frank , this is unbelievable! I am very sad.  You will be very missed indeed.  Can’t put it into words…. Very sad day for all of us 🙁

  • JJ

    NO!  What happened??  Will miss you and wish you all the best.

  • smiley

    I love PINT and sad to see you go… was a great run of my daily updates! Thank you!

  • Thunderclan13

    I’ve watched PINT for two years now every day after getting home from school.  It always makes me laugh and Frank is the funniest.  I will be so sad, it won’t be the same without him…

    • Frankfailmail

      Thanks, Thunderclan. I apprectiate you watching.

  • Darn it Nick! You come back here right this minute!!
    (Good Luck in your new adventures.)

  • Test

    OK,  seriously, Frank, what’s going on?
    With a toddler and a no-TV rule in the house, PINT has been my sole means of staying somewhat socially competent for the past few years.
    Now I will be just as socially inept as my dad who still refuses to use the internet.
    Wait, worse than my dad.  He actually watches TV.

    And I really hope your replacement is not that Mike guy.  Big.  Drop.  Off.

  • Chris

    You will be missed, but hope this is a better career move for you.  Keep us posted

  • Customdesigndatabases

    AWW! can you do something else like it here? we like it alot!

  • Marc14450

    I’m going to miss you on PINY feank. I really think they should bring street smarts back and make you the host again. I loved street smarts

  • VERYsadveiwer

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s gonna replace you??? You’re the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dodgerdogluva

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fun while it lasted

    • Cstbt782

      I bet you were!!!

  • Nicotero Addict

    First Street Smarts now Pint! We are so in a fight right now!

  • Ffejis

    I love the comments that thank you, then tell you to lose weight. You are just fine.
    What’s life without a beer and a cheeseburger? Really enjoyed your show, but the big question is: WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?!!! Come on, give us the dirt.

    • frankfan

      Ya, I want the dirt too!! The REAL reason, not the PC crappola. Who do I need to contact at yahoo to get you back? I need my daily fix of Frank!!

  • Kimlustemaran

    I’ve watched all four years, also watched Street Smarts. PINT won’t be the same without you, but good luck in the future! Hey, you’re a pretty funny guy!

  • Me10

    Say it ain’t so.  I LOVE watching PINT.  What happened? 
    We’ll miss you Frank. 🙁

  • Marydc

    why why why??????

  • Sonny Onassis

    Enjoyed your recaps.. Saved me a lot of TV time.. 

  • Mike McG

    I am a faithful viewer of Primetime in No Time and I can’t tell you
    enough how much I enjoyed the program over the years because of you and
    your wonderful delivery. I look forward to seeing what you do next and I
    hope you are leaving the show for better opportunities and not because
    Yahoo dumped ya. My mornings won’t be the same but I guess I’ll have to
    get over it. When you were on vacation I actually skipped PINT because the fill-in was no Frank Nicotero. I know HULU does a morning recap and the “talent” on that show doesn’t compare to your witty take on all things Primetime TV. Head on over to HULU or start your own show, we’ll all watch ya! Thanks for the great laughs!

  • Nnooooooooo! It can’t be, it just can’t be! I homeschool 2 of my kids and the quickest way to get them gathered together is to call out that it was time to watch Frank!  You are like our morning cup of coffee, the best way to start our day is with a good laugh from you!
    We wish you the best and hope to see you again soon doing what you do best, making us laugh!

  • Karen B

    hi, i LOVED you on PINT. i dpn’t know if i can watch anymore. so sad to see you go!

  • Frank you are genuinely funny not Hollywood funny [that’s not]. I frankly hate TV and don’t own one, but I checked in to your programme for laughs… and to peek at the garbage that I’m not missing. I wish you the very best… You deserve your own sitcom [Did I say that?] 

  • kammy

    Frank, there is no one who can replace you at PINT!  You brightened up my mornings, this is so sad!

  • MrFurley

    What the? WHY!!!???? Man, it just wont be the same. You were hilarious. Who else is going to ridicule the Bachelor,  Jersey Shore or reality TV the same way? Guess you were meant for bigger things. Thanks for the memories……

  • Madyvette

    OMG!!!! I loved watching you in PINT. Very sorry to see you go from that show, but sure you’ll keep busy.

  • Boogums

    I don’t watch TV, but have thuroughly enjoyed your recaps every day. It will never be the same without you. Thanks for making us laugh and helping us to take life less seriously.

  • mizwiwa

    What?! PINT will not be the same without you hosting.  Although I didn’t like the new layout, I’d still watched for your funny remarks.  Now I’m sure someone can do your job. You’ll be missed.

  • allen

    Dear Frank:  We really looked foward to seeing your review and comments. We are totally bummed. If it is any consolation we will follow you on your next adventure. All the best to you and yours.

  • Why are you leaving :(( Your so funny!

  • Tom Stradley

    I have been a regular and will miss the way I have been starting my day. It won’t be the same. Good luck with your next endeavor.
    Tom Stradley(aka Doug’s dad)

  • Tom Stradley

    I have been a regular and will miss the way I have been starting my day. It won’t be the same. Good luck with your next endeavor.
    Tom Stradley(aka Doug’s dad)

  • frankfan

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Seriously, why? 

  • RosieM

    You’ll be sorely missed by me! I wish you weren’t leaving PINT. Thanks to your recaps of popular TV, I managed to get through high school as a “cool” homeschooler. The other dude who’s got your job isn’t half as good as you!

  • Cattlynt

     Hey EVERYONE who wants Frank back, Like Bring Back Frank Nicotero for PiNT!

  • Cattlynt

    Hey EVERYONE who wants Frank back, Like Bring Back Frank Nicotero for PiNT on Facebook!

  • Glojsal

    OMG … I can’t believe you’re not there … PINT always brought a smile to my face … even on the worst of days!!!  Wishing you the best … YAHOO must be nutz!!! 

  • I agree – the gentleman that they have replaced Frank with is a bit of a creeper. 

  • Gijaneontour

     My favourite tv cocktail is a ” pint of nicotero”…I’ve watched you every day.You could show a 30 second clip make one comment and humour has a whole new meaning.  You are so talented, you will be sorely missed.I so wish you well, you deserve it!  Excited to see where you pop up.


    ITS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU ON YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : (
    It’s not “Prime Time in No Time” anymore , just checked out the new guy, and its just not right. Unless you left for personal reasons, I think you should go back to it. Your voice and comments made  “Prime Time in Notime” 

  • kelli

    PINT is not as funny without you! I hope your leaving was your choice. If not, Yahoo really screwed up.

    Thanks for all the laughs! 🙂

  • Elgine21

    Oh man come back, that show is not funny anymore

  • Andrew

    Frank, we are so sad to see you go.  We loved you on the show.  Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Lm Mont

    Hope you are moving on to bigger & better opportunities. You will be missed.

  • Ellen

    You were SO funny! I really enjoyed Pint with your crazy sense of humor…wish it weren’t so…but best to you in the future

  • bringbackFrank

    loved your hilarious take on things… you will be missed.  

  • Carol

    I felt like I was in the twilight zone when I watched PINT this week.  I am sure we will see you in bigger and better things.  Thanks for the entertainment!!!!  You’re the best Frank.   

  • Laurob9951

    You were the best on that show…look forward to seeing you again soon

  • loved you since street smarts that and you are a fellow Steelers fan!!!  really gonna miss you on pint…the new guy is kinda dry & not as cute or funny…  :'(

  • Micki in Maryland

    PiNT won’t be the same without you but I wish you all the best in your future endeavors . . . I used to get upset when you had that other guy sit in for you but now you have a permanent sit in 8(

    Take care Frank and maybe drop in on PiNT as a guest from time to time.  You are hilarious.

  • Princesskelso56

    That new guy sucks! Please come back, your hilarious!!!

  • Jrz99

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad to see Frank leave!!!! I hope no one watches yahoo prime time in no time to boycott!

  • Pvmay31

    frank, really gonna miss ya brother, you are the best .  your pal
    pittsburgh pete

  • Auntmancub

    Boo!  Theo Von seriously.  I was over him when he was on Road Rules.

  • lc

    You are awesome! Best wishes in your new adventures! Hopefully we’ll all be able to watch you again soon! 🙂

  • Lafemtwinarcher

    sorry to see you leave!  You were a great start to every work day!!! will miss you 

  • Julio Pacheco

    that new guy is beyond boring and not funny at all

  • we’re gonna miss you Frank!!!!! wahhhhh!!


  • CAsmith 1969

    After a hard night of factory work, I could always rely on a laugh or two from your witty recaps.  I hope you do well with whatever is next in your career.  Good Luck!

  • Cheree77

    unacceptable….simply unacceptable.

  • itsjoycamp

    You are missed!  Please reconsider.  I am no longer watching PINT.

  • Gloriakkenney

    Noooooooo!  Please don’t go!!!  I am not happy with the new guy, please come back!!

  • Guest

    PINT is nowhere NEAR the same without you Frank!!!  I refuse to watch that show until you return!!!  And yes, as previously posted, the show is definitely not funny anymore.  You brought such great humor and wit to it.  You will be missed!!!

  • Rebmcglo

    MISS YOU!! Do NOT LIKE the NEW GUY! Am No Longer Watching now.

  • Sandy

    Awwwww Frank!  I hope it was your CHOICE to leave and not Yahoo’s!  Replacing you with that bland, boring, reject from a reality show is the death knell of PiNT.  Miss you!  Best of luck!  *At least I can watch your youtube vids*  🙁

  • Ahhhh – I miss you!  I don’t like the new guy, he’s not funny, his jokes are lame and he looks like he’s reading his script on the side (his eyes keep moving).  I sure hope it was your choice to leave – but I have no reason to watch PiNT.  I guess I am relegated to daytime only….

  • Mjmauro50

    Oh wow, so disappointed. Hope  you left for a better job cause it won’t be the same without you.  This guy is way to good looking to be funny!! Not to say you are not good looking but wow you have personality and the whole package.

  • Gonzo

    Dude, I hope your leaving for something way better, cuz this new guy is a tool. I just watched “meet Theo Von”, Umm…Yahoo, WTH, bring back frank, and pay him more money!!

  • Jramirezusmc

    Your Dumbass used to be part of my normal lunch routine…… I Bummed that your gone, Not feeling the Vonn Dude……

  • Gringo Preacher

    Huge loss for us but probably a great relief for you.  You will be missed.

  • Lai55

    Ugh… I haven’t been online for a few weeks, and now I find out you’re gone???? geez… and this new dude they have? epic fail. sorry he’s not funny. people think he’s good looking, but somehow I liked my PINT with my funny friend Frank!  Come back!!!!!!!

  • FR

    Seems Yahoo management is hell bent on destroying the company.  Getting rid of the talent like Frank will only speed up the demise.

  • Cris Chase

    WTF. the new guy is not as nearly funny as you were. 

  • Smmar1975

    The show isn’t the same without you but good luck with all of your future endeavors!  Cheers buddy!

  • come back frank. we all miss you

  • disappointed pint fan

    why did frank go?  the new guy…not so good.

  • DMackin

    I was hoping you left because you got a TV gig.  You are too talented!!!  Let us know if we, your loyal fans, can do anything to help you get to where you want to be in your career.  Will keep looking on here.  Love ya and will miss ya on PINT 🙁  

  • Yeah – PiNT is not very good any more –  miss your wit. Good luck with your new ventures! 

  • Fortruth777

    Darn it!  I didn’t know you left until this morning when I saw the new guy introduce himself as the new host!   I RARELY comment on anything; however, when I had to do a search (“Daytime in No Time host”) to learn your name so I could find out what happened to you.   You were great — I never heard of you before seeing you on DINT.  WHAT HAPPENED?   WHY ARE YOU GONE?   I hope it was YOUR decision.   Reading your website, you were looking forward to your 1,000th episode in March.  That’s only 2 days away.  WHAT HAPPENED?

    No disrespect to the new host (I don’t know him either), but after seeing you for 4 years, he HAS to know what big shoes he has to fill.   Please inform us about what what happened; inquiring minds want to know.     

    You WILL be missed!  You zany wit, personality, antics…  WHAT HAPPENED!

  • ZenGrrl62

    What a bummer! You WERE that show.

  • Frank = Awesome
    New Guy = Crap

    Please come back Frank!

  • Bearsgrl79

    I wont be watching Prime Time in No Time anymore! The new guy sucks and the show isnt near the same without you… boooooooooo! On to bigger and better things I hope!

  • Marieholl

    Nooo……it’s not the same without you!

  • Jaustinr

    Wow I think I’m in shock.  You felt like family – hate to see you go.  Hope very much its for bigger and better things.

    The best of luck Frank, you will be missed

  • Carrie

    I won’t watch any more.  You were my favorite.  

  • Frank we want you back!! The new guy is lame!!

  • :(((( So Sad! You made PINT what it is, and this new guy really sucks :((( 

  • Chocolatelover1994

    booo! You MADE the show PINT! New guy…um yeah, not so great. Won’t be watching

  • Kudzu1002

    why??  I loved y9ur layback humor!

  • Lindsey P

    Frank, I have been a fan of yours since Street Smarts. Sad to see you go from PiNT but I can’t wait to see what is in your future. You are one of the funniest men I have seen around and I really enjoy your sense of humor. Take Care, Lindsey  

  • Nadinerjoseph

    Come Back Frank!!!

  • Nicw99

    Why? Why? Why? I’m totally grieving right now. I wish that you’d come back. I feel pain similar to when I find out my favorite lip gloss has been discontinued. Nothing can truly replace it. Boo-Hoo. I wish you all the best.

  • Sammaxel

    Frank, you were the only reason I knew what was going on Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, The Real Housewives of where ever, etc… I didn’t even like those shows, but you were an amazing host and gave me more pop culture knowledge than I could have hoped for. I look forward to seeing you in something else, because honestly your show was something I looked forward to watching much much more than regular tv.


    I MISS FRANK!!  New guy totally sux. 

  • Scott

    PINT will never be the same.

  • Rainmaker

    Sorry but the new guy sucks.  Come back, Frank!

  • Come back Frank!!!!! Ex MTV reality stars aren’t anywhere near as funny as you!!!

  • Mvstyer

    Well this is my 1st time commenting.  It’s true, I’ve REALLY enjoyed watching Nick in the mornings before getting serious about my work… 😀  And the new guy just doesn’t hold a candle to Nick… just makes me miss Nick!  I really doubt I’ll watch PrimetimeINnoTIME much longer….  You are missed, Nick!! (from Sacramento, CA)

  • joel

    PINT sucks without you.  Will no longer be watching it.

  • Kat30s

    So bummed!  I watched that mostly because of you!  Not liking the new guy 🙁  Well in any case – I hope we get to see you some place bigger and better soon!

  • Katiedemarco504

    I am so upset. You rocked PINT. I’m not watching it anymore. I look forward to your future projects!!!

  • gink

    Miss you!!!!!

  • abbymom

    It’s just not fun anymore

  • Michelleherrera1067

    This really sucks. I don’t even like to watch it anymore since he left. BRING FRANK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peg1585

    Miss ya Frank- on Yahoo and in the ‘burgh.  This new guy SUCKS!

  • Brittany

    Prime Time in No Time is NOTHING without you. Please come back and make my day better again. I’m literally going to cry right now…

  • Carolyn

    Frank, you were really likeable…a regular guy, funny, down-to-earth.  We don’t like the new phoney guy at all.  We hope you come back.  But, if you have a better project on the table, we wish you the best of luck!

  • guest

    Frank, you’re supposed to secure something more relevant BEFORE you leave your old job…plus the new guy sucks.

  • Dlenckus

    Not going to ask you to come back to PINT, Frank, because I’m assuming you’re moving onto something better for yourself and your family. So, instead, I’ll just wish you all the best and thank you for the good humor over the last four years.

  • I kept checking back at PINT, hoping you were just on vacation.  It’s just not funny without you! I wish you the best of luck. You will be missed.

  • Robertsredhead

    I was so disappointed Can’t easily replace you. Not impressed by your replacement. Good luck in all future endeavors!

  • New-guy-can-bite-me

    WTF this sucks. the new guy sucks. Come back.

  • Jaymeeeeees

    The new guy on Primetime In No Time has the most ANNOYING voice… come back Frank!

  • Oscar

    I remember when I stumbled onto Street Smarts so many years ago… deserve your own TV show!!

  • Heather Kirk

    Please come back – don’t like it anymore – at all!!!!

  • guest

    Here is the thing, yes it would be great if Frank was back on Yahoo but let’s get real, Yahoo does not pay any good money so unless frank love doing that for peanuts I think he would have still been there. Also greener pastures is on the horizon for Frank and he wants to move forward with something a little more lucrative. Yahoo was a stepping stone to better.

    It’s like saying you loved “The Soup” with Greg Kinnear and wish he still was the host. As you well know he has moved beyond that and I am sure E entertainment didn’t pay that well either.

    Good luck Frank, wish you the best of luck.

  • Irene S.

    But you ARE the show! 🙁

  • Krislkeating

    Well, PINT totally sucks now and won’t last long without Frank.

  • Pday

    Vote Frank Nicotero 2012!

  • Pday

    Honestly…bring back Frank to PINT….the entire thing sucks now….Frank made it funny!  Of course the change from the couch to the white backdrop killed it for me.

  • JJHE

    Nooo, its not the same without you…you will be missed Franky!!!

  • Spheart2

    I finally got high speed internet again after two 1/2 years of living in the country.  The first thing I did was turn on PINT and what did I see?  Some yahoo making crappy jokes (if you can call them that).  I miss you! 

  • Romeo One

    I had so many people watching PINT , DAILY! we were all dissapointed to see you go… I hope the best for you, franky boy, you’re hilarious and we miss you. If you ever need an artist/designer, please feel free to contact me anytime… or RomeoOner on (fb) former Playboy designer.

  • Contact

    we need you Frank, I stopped watching PINT – sorry, but Theo SUCKS, he tries way too hard and is just plain painful to watch as well as listen to that whining voice

  • Mel

    I agree with everyone else here~you are really missed. I’ve given the new guy a couple chances, but he just ain’t cuttin’ it!
    I can’t tell you how many times you had me in tears! Bummer…no more belly laughs in the afternoon… All the best on your next adventure…

  • chrissyjac

    Until Frank, I never took any notice of ‘internet programming’ or hosts. No offense to the new guy but, I really miss Frank!

  • Koursakov

    You were the best! Someone there at Yahoo should have realized that. I don’t watch it now. 

  • Romeo One

    Its the truth Frank! The show sucks… the hosts theyve had suck… i used to watch it EVERY DAY and i spread the word to all my friends and THEY WERE watching… it all stopped! You suck Yahoo! …didnt know what you had till it was gone. lol

    Much success Frank! Waiting for when you show up at the Improv…

    Hit me up, Ill design your website and your promo pieces:

    peace n much success,

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  • Zeroed Out

    Every time Yahoo takes me to Prime Time in No Time so that I can watch a clip they’ve referenced, I shudder because I know I’ll have to listen to Theo Von. That guy might just be the most annoying host of anything ever. I read an article about him when he took over the show where he said he’d be bringing some of his “edgy” comedy to PINT. Nothing that comes out of that guy’s mouth (at least on the show) is anywhere close to edgy. Plus, his delivery is terrible. I just watched a clip with Vin Diesel where he said “That is Riddick-ulous,” which SHOULD have been at least mildly funny, but the way he said it was just flat and dull. Man, he is just terrible. That was the first clip I’d watched in at least six months and now I remember why.

  • katie